Maven Builds for Domino in Eclipse and “Not Officially Supported” Support

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Recently Maven builds stopped working for me in Eclipse. The message didn’t mean much to me. But it wasn’t a huge problem, because I have Maven installed externally and have not had a problem building with that.

Until I wanted to build the Extension Library last night. Then I got the error below.

So I posted an issue on the GitHub repository for the Extension Library.

I’ve always kept up to date with the Extension Library and I’ve not heard an acceptable argument for not using open source code on a Domino server (especially since the Domino server itself uses loads of open source code!). The argument that it is not “officially supported code” is one I hear cited. The issue was logged at 22:31 GMT. A response was added at 10:02 GMT the following morning. So within 12 hours I had the correct answer from the right person, with less than 15 minutes of my time to intervene. Yes, this wouldn’t be the kind of issue end users would get with the Extension Library (for one of those, look here). I doubt a response of this technicality would come from a level 1 or level 2 technician – it requires in-depth understanding of the code. I’m sure that for “officially supported code” this would have taken longer and required more of my time (and doubtless some frustration trying to get it escalated to the right person).

I’m not a Maven guru, so for me to try to get the command line to use a different version of Java was going to be a challenge. So I did another search and came across this StackOverflow question as the second link I looked at. The good news is it’s as easy as the answer suggests. Just download the binary zip file of the older Maven release and unzip it to a relevant location. Then go to Eclipse preferences and in Maven > Installations, point to  the path you unzipped to (just the main folder, not the “bin” folder).


AUTHOR - Paul Withers

Paul Withers has been an IBM Champion since 2011, has been an OpenNTF Board Member since 2013, has worked with XPages since 2009, co-authored XPages Extension Library and was technical editor for Mastering XPages 2nd Edition. He is one of the developers on OpenNTF Domino API as well as contributor to a variety of other OpenNTF projects.

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