Next Steps

Based on all of the above information and collateral provided, the way ahead should be fairly clear. You might want to simply keep a watching brief on the Social Business wave and so this website is a good place to visit as we update it continuously to reflect the latest thinking, white papers and case studies.

Or better still you will have been inspired by the Intec offering and would like to contact us for a first meeting to explore the options available to you. As we have been at pains to explain building a Social Business platform and a collaboration culture takes time and detailed planning. We are here to help, we are prepared to work with you for however long it takes and we look forward to hearing from you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at:  +44 (0) 1252 775400

Book a free assessment

We’d love to help you discover how you can use IBM Social Business Solutions to help differentiate your workforce from your competitors. Let’s arrange a free, interactive, half day session in conjunction with IBM to more deeply understand your challenges. The IBM “Collaboration Assessment” is a proven methodology to determine readiness for utilising and benefiting from enterprise social business solutions. A review of your current workforce collaboration practices, as well as other business requirements provide the necessary input to produce a report showing how your company’s collaboration practices compare with organizations achieving best-in-class performance.

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