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org.openntf.domino – A New Hope for Java Developers

Yesterday marked the release of the first milestone of org.openntf.domino, a community-driven project with a number of goal:

  • To make it quicker and easier to handle Domino objects.
  • To avoid gotchas for new Java developers like recycle().
  • To give useful parameter names to all methods.
  • To extend the packages with additional functionality.
  • To implement best practice approaches from our experience of Java development in XPages and elsewhere.
  • To lower the learning curve for developers, whether they are coming from traditional Domino development or traditional Java development.

The initial release is aimed primarily at those who already have Java knowledge and are able to hit the ground running, but there are some useful tools that will bring quick benefit, like easier collection handling, Jesse Gallagher’s MIMEBean implemented in the Document classes, some useful Helper classes and some useful DateTime methods e.g. isBefore(), isAfter(), equalsIgnoreTime().

There have been a number of blog posts from those of us involved in the project.

Plus there are the blog posts on the GitHub project itself. The project is available on OpenNTF to download, but the source code is also available on GitHub. We also want to build this into a powerful community project, so if there are any issues or feature requests, they too can be added on GitHub. For anyone wanting in-depth documentation of the classes and methods available, Declan Lynch has expertly provided a great-looking JavaDoc. I often find myself frustrated with JavaDocs, finding they often give a parameter type but no explanation of examples or acceptable values. One of my personal aims for this project is to ensure the documentation allows people to quickly use methods, so if there’s anything we can do to improve on that, we’d like feedback.

2 Comments for this entry

Jesse Gallagher
April 3rd, 2013 on 2:32 am

Tim Tripcony should get the primary nod for anything relating to MIMEBean – I’ve been running with it and I put it into this API, but it was his great idea.

Thomas Adrian
April 3rd, 2013 on 9:49 am

Looks really great, thanks