Intec XPages Training

Intec have excellent XPages development skills in house, in fact we have delivered skills enablement training to IBM in this area, as well as writing the IBM Public XPages examinations. We have also provided tailored training courses to many of our clients. This can be delivered at your premises, or at our offices.

Illustrated below is the standard list of topics to be covered for a four day course, our two day course runs up to and including the first three bullet points of item 7 – Extension Library.

1 Introduction to XPages

  • History
  • What is XPages
  • Context of XPages within Domino HTTP server
  • Introduction to Domino Designer within context of Eclipse

2 Creating an XPage

  • Enabling the default error page
  • Static content
  • Custom Controls and XPages
  • Controlling Visibility
  • AJAX made easy
  • Simple Actions

3 Data on an XPage

  • Introduction to Domino application architecture
  • Creating a simple form
  • Basic validation
  • Action buttons
  • Creating a View

4 Styling and Layout

  • Creating a layout container
  • Adding stylesheets and images
  • Adding styling to elements
  • Themes
  • Editable Areas for reusability
  • Linking Pages

5 Multiple Data Sources

  • Adding multiple datasources to the same XPage
  • Different implementations
  • Managing editability
  • Using Repeat Controls to display data
  • “Joins” in Domino views

6 XPages Extension Library

  • History
  • Installing
  • Troubleshooting
  • The Extension Library Demo Database
  • Application Layout control – quickly deploying a OneUI look and feel
  • Navigator
  • Data Views
  • Form Table
  • Dialogs
  • Pickers
  • Dojo Form Controls
  • Responsive Controls
  • Miscellaneous

7 Troubleshooting XPages

  • Review of server processing and XPages lifecycle
  • Log files on server
  • Creating an Error Page
  • Reading stack traces
  • XPages Log Reader
  • XPages Debug Toolbar
  • XPages OpenLog Logger
  • Installing Extension Libraries
  • XPages Toolbox
  • Server-Side JavaScript Debugger Overview

8 Mobilizing the Application

  • Extension Library Mobile Controls
  • Displaying content on a mobile browser
  • Overview of third-party controls for offline capabilities

9 Extended Datasources in XPages

  • Data Contexts
  • Java Managed Beans
  • Data Objects
  • RDBMS data in XPages

10 Performance Optimisation

  • Understanding Languages
  • Compute on Page Load vs Compute Dynamically
  • Themes
  • Adding a Phase Listener
  • view.isrenderingPhase()
  • Partial Execution Mode
  • Read Only and Disabled Settings
  • Understanding Dynamic Content and Switch Controls
  • Xsp Properties – Persistence Settings

11 OpenNTF Essentials

  • Review of Projects Already Covered
  • OpenNTF Domino API
  • POI4XPages
  • Using Apache POI to export dynamic content to Excel
  • Demonstration Application for XPages

12 Bluemix & Beyond

  • Bluemix overview and Challenges to Value Proposition
  • JavaScript Frameworks
  • Back-End Logic Options
  • Java Frameworks – Vaadin

The agenda is a four-day course

If you would like to know more about Intec’s XPages Training, how it could benefit your organisation or more about Intec’s wide range of IT solutions, request a call back here