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Domino 10 App Dev Thoughts – Be Scared, Be Excited

Today’s webinar on Domino 10 brought a lot of announcements. I won’t cover the announcements about Notes Client here – we were teased about a slimmer client and auto-updating of that client, but I’m sure we’ll find out more at IBM Think. I’ve already blogged my thoughts about the Notes Client as well. There are …

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Scheduling XPages Code – Part Three

In the previous part I covered setting up Node-RED, in my scenario as a Docker image. Triggering Domino code on schedule is surprisingly straightforward, requiring just two nodes. The first is the inject node and the second is the http request node. The inject node allows a process to be scheduled. The payload for the …

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Scheduling XPages / OSGi Plugin Code – Part One

Before Christmas I blogged a teaser about running Xots tasks scheduled. Various demos have been constructed and a video will be coming, but I decided to blog about the components I would recommend to a customer. This is very much a modular approach with a lot of BYO components. But therein lies its strength, in …

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