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Managed Beans, Scopes and Lifetimes

A colleague asked me last week about the managed beans and whether a requestScoped bean would be loaded for every request. It’s something I had inadvertently already proved but forgotten. It’s always worth clarifying though and of relevance to more than just managed beans, but anything defined in the faces-config. All objects defined in the …

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Speaking At IBM ConnectED

Yesterday I heard that I was accepted for two sessions for IBM ConnectED at the end of January. They are: Title: XPages Performance and Scalability Conference/Track: Track 7: Master Classes Speaker(s): Tony McGuckin; Paul Withers Abstract: This session by Tony McGuckin and IBM Champion Paul Withers is a deep dive on key aspects of the …

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What Happens When An XPage Loads?

There have been a few questions lately on StackOverflow trying to troubleshoot activity during the initial page load. So I thought I’d write a post to try to clarify the process. This certainly helps me pre-empt some functionality and provides an explanation for some of the questions I’ve seen. Using code from Jesse Gallagher’s XPages …

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HTML or XPage Component

Yesterday evening I got involved in an XPages conversation. It started with this tweet from Chris Toohey: Dr Marky Roden then brought me into the conversation, just as I looked on Twitter! A bit of a conversation then ensued, which is shown below.   As I said, I needed to do more investigation on all …

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Understanding Partial Execution: Part Three – JSF Lifecycle

In the previous two parts of this series I’ve focussed on partial refresh and partial execution. But in order to fully appreciate why partial execution is important, you need to understand the JSF lifecycle. Part two focussed on what gets processed from the XPage, it’s important to understand how it gets processed. Remember that if …

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