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Quick Tip for iOS Browser Development

Last week, when preparing for the XPages Mobile Controls session at BLUG, Eamon Muldoon introduced me to a useful tip when testing on iOS. The problem is that many browsers such as Firefox and Safari use, by default, webkit styling, so use Android stylesheets. But Safari has an option to change the user agent. The …

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XPages and Java: Design Refresh

The XPages Help Application for OpenNTF was my first attempt at using Java beans in XPages. I expected some challenges and wasn’t disappointed. I’ve already blogged about one of the most challenging, that some properties of Domino objects are still available even after the object has been recycled. Another I came across was when refreshing …

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XPages: Calling Client-Side Javascript from Server-Side Javascript

There have been a few posts recently about triggering client-side javascript from server-side javascript, integrating output from the server-side javascript. Here’s one way of doing it. It may not be best practice, and I’m sure there are other methods – with XPages I’ve come to learn that there are always at least two ways of …

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A useful tip for server-based images from an XPage

Some time ago Jo Grant posted an article on the Lotus Notes and Domino Application Development wiki with a tip about how to reference the view icon images installed with the Domino server or Notes Client. This involved using server-side javascript to manipulate the XSPUrl class, removing parameters and creating a new URL. This is a …

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