Why engage us?

Today user adoption continues to be the bête noir of Social Business platform deployments. Although highly frustrating to business leaders who can see the benefits of collaborative culture and technology, this is perfectly understandable. There is a mixture of generations in the organisation today, many of whom are not comfortable with the new technology. In addition, there is a heavy loyalty and dependency on email as the prime mode of communication, and there is a fear factor based on the transparency of Social Business platforms.

However all of this will pass and in time Social Business will be the norm for company communication and collaboration as email is today. This is fine for companies who are prepared to take on the serious risk of late adoption, for everyone else they need to conquer the user adoption challenge right here, right now.

For these companies we are ready to help. There are of a number of tools and techniques to hand to assist from – immersion workshops to community management and we can work with you to get the mix right.

But above all else, we have found that the best and lasting way to get over the user adoption hurdle is to spend time with our clients identifying a small set of key business problems or challenges that lend themselves to collaboration. The criteria for suitability is manifold and this is what we will share with you in our engagement, but suffice to say it works well if the problem (or challenge) has the potential to involve people who are not co-located and are not necessarily in the same department.

Once we have settled on the first set of business problems to help user adoption and prove the model, we set about creating a community and pre-populating it so that when the invited employees log on they are already in a place that looks familiar and friendly.

We track community usage and involvement by individuals and measure that against agreed milestones. Where users are falling short of agreed targets (this rarely happens if you have identified the right problem to collaborate on and the right people to get involved) we review both the targets and look to assist the specific individuals with fast fix additional 30 min training sessions. Once users get a feel of success and see how incredibly efficient this way of working is (no more email trails and endless attachments!) the community takes on a momentum of its own and we work with the client to look at the next logical community to create and roll-out.

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Infographic – 10 steps to user adoption

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10 Practical Steps to Deploying a Successful Social Business Platform Infographic