Why should I make this a business priority?

Based on the preceding section, where we shared our views and vision of ‘What is Social Business’ and the ‘Social Business imperative’; company leaders today have only 2 choices on offer to them they can keep a watching brief on the Social Business revolution or they can be bold and take their first steps towards embracing this new way of working. As with the internet and the subsequent obligatory corporate website, the ‘do nothing’ option no longer exists. At some point the sheer weight of adoption from partners, clients and competitors will force your hand. No-one today in business bothers to ask whether or not a company has a website, they simply ask for the company URL just as they ask for the company contacts number or email address. Yet it is easy to forget that we went from no company websites to ubiquitous websites for everything you can imagine inside a working life.

The business drivers for putting in place a formal structured Social Business platform are even more compelling:

  • Email overload and inefficiency
  • The competitive advantage companies are gaining
  • The rise of a generation who prefer this way of working
  • Outbreaks of unofficial collaborative networking usage by employees
  • Demand from customers and suppliers for a faster and more customised service
  • End of the 9 to 5 work paradigm and increase of globalisation
  • Increased pressure to innovate and talent manage.  ‘More than half of all CEO’s see human capital, customer relationships and innovation as key sources of sustained economic value (see IBM Global CEO study here)
  • The rise of a generation who will not accept current working processes (see video below)


Big demands and high expectations: What Generation Y wants from business, government, and the future workplace – see Deloittes Millenial report 2014 here

The video below illustrates all of these points in an entertaining yet important call to action.