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The Low-Code platform to accelerate Digital Transformation 
Businesses everywhere need to deliver exceptional ways to engage customers, partners, and employees and transform systems and automate business-critical processes into easy-to-use mobile apps and multi-channel experiences. Low code offers the opportunity to be more responsive and innovate and scale rapidly


Managed Services for your HCL Domino Applications #DominoNextStep

Are you running Domino Applications? Have you considered what your next steps should be?

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation can enable better collaboration within and between organisations, more personalised ways of customer engagement, higher employee innovation and productivity, and more accurate insights from data, all of which help a business grow and improve the chances of thriving post-pandemic. 

Digital Trading

As well as having over 30 years of experience in providing effective E-Commerce and EDI solutions to customers, Intec have recently acquired one of the leading specialists in this area, Orion Consulting Limited. Discover how we can help you to improve your business communications with your trading partners.

Case Study: Ambleglow

Helping educational establishments succeed using HCL Domino Applications

Application Migration / Modernisation

Nine out of ten IT decision-makers claim legacy systems are preventing them from harnessing the
digital technologies they need to grow and become more efficient. Do you migrate or modernise? Intec can help you.

Managed Services

Today’s enterprises require, smarter and more cost effective ways to optimise their mission-critical IT infrastructure and applications. Intec are experienced in deploying innovative, yet proven, hybrid-cloud-based computing strategies to help you reduce IT costs, improve application and infrastructure performance, maintain close control and work more efficiently.

People Analytics

People analytics helps organisations to make smarter, more strategic and more informed talent decisions. With people analytics, organisations can find better applicants, make smarter hiring decisions, and increase employee performance and retention.

IBM & HCL Licence Support

IBM & HCL Software Licensing can be a complex business. Failing to understand and respond to it can prove to be very costly to your organisation. We can find you the best license deal appropriate to your needs and if you are new to IBM & HCL licensing, we can help you find your way through the maze.

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