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12 ways social technologies can add value in organisational functions within and across enterprises

  1. Deliver customer insights
  2. Co-create products
  3. Leverage social to forecast and monitor
  4. Use social to distribute business processes
  5. Derive customer insights
  6. Use social technologies for marketing communications/interaction
  7. Generate and foster sales leads
  8. Social commerce Customer service
  9. Provide customer care via social technologies
  10. Improve collaboration and communication; match talent to tasks
  11. Use social technology to improve intra- or inter-organisational collaboration and communication
  12. Use social technology to match talent to tasks

12 ways social technologies can add value

A journey to improved collaboration

International transportation company Blue Water Shipping needed an alternative to email to share information between employees and encourage new and more effective ways of working.

They selected IBM Connections software, a social networking platform that enables boundary-free collaboration. The solution capitalises on the growing importance of social networking to boost employee productivity, reduce email backlog, save time and improve version control.

social business collaboration case study

This article was taken from Intec’s whitepaper – Social Business – Connect.Collaborate.Compete.

For more information or to talk to Intec about Social Business Collaboration Software visit https://www.intec.co.uk/software-solutions/collaboration-solutions/

or call +44(0)1252 775400

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