Two and a half years ago when I started working with XPages, there was a relative paucity of support materials. Declan Lynch’s 50-odd introduction was a god-send as were blog posts from John Mackey and Matt White. The Dojo documentation was okay, but the implementation of Dojo 1.1.1 was very limiting. There had been sessions at Lotusphere 2009, but I was not able to go there, so that was not a reference site.


But now, two and a half years on, we have a host of blog and wiki posts. There is the Mastering XPages book and if you’ve searched Amazon looking for anything on XPages recently, you may have come across another book in the pipeline on the Extension Library. The Extension Library offers a host of new components to make XPages development even easier and demonstrate how to build your own extensions. And thanks to the XPages competition on OpenNTF there are a host of excellent custom controls now available on OpenNTF, over 50 since the competition was launched a few months ago.


Just this week the SitePen blog has announced a month of Dojo blog posts. Many XPages developers may be unfamiliar with this site, but a lot of the content on the site has then become the documentation of the dojotoolkit website. Compare the charting posts for example with the charting documentation, and it’s verbatim the same content. So if you use Dojo in XPages or intend to make sure you read this content. And while I’m on the topic of Dojo, just a quick plug for Bob Balfe’s ’28 Days of Dojo‘ from February this year, on his blog.


And for those who could not make Lotusphere last year, some of the recorded sessions are now available on the Lotus Greenhouse wiki. The sessions include the XPages Blast by Matt White and Tim Clark with 30 excellent tips, an extended version of which I presented at EntwicklerCamp at the end of February.


All in all, there are plenty of materials available, now more than ever before.


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