Following on from the tip I gave at the end of March, as well as view icons/action button icons accessible from the icons folder and images that come with the oneuiv2 themes, I recently also wanted to use images that co with the core oneui theme, that are in the java subfolder of /domino. As with the oneuiv2 images, this too requires a slightly unusual format to access those folders.

This time /.ibmxspres/global/ points to the /domino/java/xsp folder, as I found when looking at the themes in the wiki template from OpenNTF.

So if I use url=”/.ibmxspres/global/theme/common/images/iconDatePicker.gif”, I get the calendar date picker image that shows beside date fields that use the oneui theme.

These articles should now give full reference details on how to access any of the server-based images that come with Domino.

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