Intec predicts that the path to becoming a Social Business is inevitable. However, the differentiating factors – those which will separate the leaders from the masses – will stem from how effectively an organisation embraces a Social Business culture; as well as the technology to deepen customer relationships, drive operational efficiencies and optimise the workforce.

Now you know the nuts and bolts of Social Business, your next step is to start thinking about how your organisation can transform itself by applying social technologies that will:

  • Break down barriers to information and tap deeper into collective intelligence
  • Save time and provide direct cost savings
  • Increase employee – partner – customer engagement
  • Engage, react and respond in a shorter timescale than other modes of business interaction
  • Increase employee motivation and contributions to the business.

IBM Connections social software is designed to help you better gather and use the collective insight of your organisation, partners and customers to deepen customer relationships, drive innovation and enable a more effective workforce.

This market leading social software platform delivers business value through the most comprehensive set of integrated social software services and capabilities.

The world’s leading companies are now choosing IBM Connections as their integrated and secure platform to help people engage with networks of experts in the context of critical business.

If you would like to discuss Social Business in more detail or to see a demonstration of IBM Connections to gain a better understanding of the benefits for your organisation please call Intec on 01252 775400 or email

A comprehensive adoption plan is key to ensuring the success of your IBM Connections implementation, and Intec have created a quickstart package to guide you through the best practices.

This article was taken from Intec’s whitepaper – Social Business – Connect. Collaborate. Compete.

For more information or to talk to Intec about Social Business Collaboration Software visit

Or call +44(0)1252 775400

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