Those of you who have already joined the BP210 community on lsonline will have seen that yesterday I uploaded the slide deck and sample application David Leedy and I used for our session at Lotusphere last week. The slides are also available on slideshare.

For those of you who were at Lotusphere and haven’t yet joined the community, you just need to join the Best Practices community and BP210 is a sub-community. Also in there are some of the useful links from the session. because lsonline is continuing throughout the year, it would be good to make use of it. For any business partners or customers for whom Lotus Connections may be of interest, there is the benefit that this gives you the opportunity to use the product and get familiar with it. I am conscious that this is not inclusive to those who could not attend Lotusphere, but if we get interesting output, I’m more than happy to post that on my blog as well.

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