The overarching benefit to deploying Social Business solutions in customer service operations is the ability to engage with customers and understand them more deeply. This helps organisations to anticipate and meet their customers’ needs in ways that differentiate them from the competition.

If companies could increase customer retention rates by 5%, they could grow their profits by 25% -100%.

Frederick Reichheld, The Loyalty Effect

According to a recent ITSV CEO study, ‘Getting closer to the customer is the top focus for CEOs over the next 5 years.’

Specifically, customer service teams can:

  • Find the right people via profiles connecting customers with similar interests or find employees with specific skills
  • Easily adapt web content that captures customer interest based on behaviour – without calling IT support
  • Streamline operational efficiencies with consistent workflow processes via enhanced email and messaging capabilities integrated with social applications
  • Update web content based on customer behaviour to provide critical information when needed
  • Share best practices with blogging, shared bookmarks, shared files and activities
  • Provide additional online self-services for communities
  • Instantly chat to experts in customer behaviour.

This article was taken from Intec’s whitepaper – Social Business – Connect. Collaborate. Compete.

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