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Adventures in Git

I’ve been using source control and git flow for a long time. Indeed I delievered a session with Declan Lynch at Lotusphere 2014 on source control. (If you want all 337 slides at over 17Mb, here is the download. If you prefer videos, I did a NotesIn9 covering the SourceTree part.) A blog post would …

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Preventing “Build Automatically” Via Policy

As one of the first steps in XPages training I cover making configuration and settings changes to Domino Designer to optimise your experience. One of those is switching off Build Automatically. Unless your day-to-day ID only has Editor or below access to applications, sooner or later having Build Automatically enabled will cause problems. Its enabled …

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Intec Proud to Sponsor Engage

For a long time Intec have been involved with Engage delivering sessions. In a significant year for the products we’re proud to extend that involvement by sponsoring Engage as well. Engage has long been a prestigious event in the user group calendar, with stunning venues organised by Lifetime IBM Champion, Theo Heselmans. That is reinforced …

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XPages and Java? Use ExtLibUtil

If you’re not primarily coding in (client-side) JavaScript, my recommendation has always been that any XPages developers who have worked with the platform beyond a few projects should be coding in Java. That’s why I developed a course specifically around Java development in XPages*. Server-side JavaScript is a good starting point, but only a starting …

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Watson Workspace Obituary

This week marks the passing of Watson Workspace, one of the few major innovations in the ICS space of the last decade. I say that because it was innovative not only in technology, but openness, open technologies adopted and showcased, design thinking approach, integration and most importantly user experience. It may be gone for good, …

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Why Low Code Resonates

In the late 1990s there was a temp who had left university not long before, with an MA in Ancient Greek Literature and a PhD to write up. He was applying for academic positions but uncertain where his long-term future applied. He started at a company which used Lotus Notes for a CRM planning events …

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XPages Partial Refresh and Server-Wide Xsp Properties

A new IBM technote has been released for XPages Partial Refresh Throwing CLFAD* Errors. As suspected, the cause was tightening up validation and, instead of falling back to reloading the page, it throws an error. I remember in 8.5.1 a similar issue where passing an error object to some logging started throwing an error because …

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Notes, Domino, Java and Open Source

As hopefully most developers are aware, at the beginning of the year Oracle changed the licensing terms for Java JREs (Java Runtime Environment), requiring a paid commercial license for any commercial use. For most Notes and Domino customers, that has meant no change. As long as I can remember, Notes (on Windows) and Domino have …

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