After speaking at three LUGs around Europe this year, I will be making my debut at Lotusphere 2011. Although I submitted a few sessions, the one that was accepted is a joint session with Mr NotesIn9, David Leedy. It’s not the first time we will collaborate together. Those who have been working with XPages for a while (and possibly some more recent XPages developers) may remember we were both guests on The X Cast for Episode 2 back in February. And I’m sure Lotusphere won’t be the last time we collaborate – I’ve already promised a screencast for NotesIn9 which I must get round to recording.

The topic may be familiar to those who attended ILUG and indeed the title is the same – XPages: Enter the Dojo. But we started discussing the idea of offering a session on Dojo before I entered the abstract for ILUG. So as a joint session and with David’s expertise to contribute, there is likely to be plenty of new content and a new sample application. I know that I’ve learnt more about Dojo in the month since ILUG.

For those who were not at ILUG (and for those who were) here is the abstract to whet your appetite:

Enter The Dojo

XPages enables you to build great-looking applications with pre-built controls. But as you start to flex your muscles, you’ll want to use the Dojo framework that is delivered with Domino. This session will take you from the basics of referencing Dojo modules and styling fields, to useful client-side javascript functions, through to the ease of using Dojo functionality delivered in the XPages Extension Library. As well as code samples, you’ll have the confidence to dive into the Dojo libraries and incorporate the wide variety of functionality available in the Dojo framework.

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