The IBM Champion and User Group day was a great start to IBM Think with some interesting sessions, although my morning was busy with delivering a session twice with Tony Holder and delivering a Lightning Talk.

On behalf of OpenNTF we also launched open badges for user groups to thank them for their support of OpenNTF. More open badges will come in the future as we expand the programme further.

Today was also the launch of the new ICON UK website. I agreed somewhere over the Atlantic to be track manager for development, so I’m looking forward to being involved in a new capacity.

Then this afternoon I was very proud to be announced as one of the new tranche of lifetime IBM Champions. It’s an amazing honour to join such an illustrious group. Thanks are due to all who have helped me on this journey, Tim Malone for backing my “where I want to be in five years” vision, Tim Clark for mentoring me and “sending the elevator back down”, Theo Heselmans for my first speaking session at a conference, David Leedy for agreeing to speak with me at Lotusphere and for his awesome work on NotesIn9, and everyone who has read or commented on my blog or open source code. Sharing is most definitely a two-way street. There are no plans to rest on my laurels and reduce my activities, already the opposite.

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