Recently a custom highlighted an issue with entering decimals on Number fields in HCL Nomad. After some troubleshooting I was able to pinpoint the specific settings that resulted in the problem.

With a Number field, on the second tab "Control", you can set the number format with decimal places and additional display formatting. These control how the field's values are validated and converted during save. On the first table "Field info" you can set the Style to "Notes style" or Native OS style".

On desktop the Style setting just changes how the field looks - whether it just has field handles or a border. However, on Nomad it's this setting that changes the keyboard displayed, so that by default you see numbers for the top row rather than letters. And it makes sense that this should be the trigger to do so. However, it also restricts input for anything other than a numeric character. This includes decimal points, thousand separators etc.

The good news is HCL were quick to solve the problem. The fix will be in beta for HCL Nomad 1.0.6, currently the beta version on TestFlight. It is expected to be a few weeks before that goes live, but it will be a welcome addition. In the meantime, changing the field style will allow decimal points etc, but will not prioritise number keys and will also allow letters as well.

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