Tomorrow (April 23rd) I will be speaking on the IBM Collaboration Solutions Community Meeting at 3pm BST (10am ET). The topic of this month’s meeting is XPages. The main part of the community meeting will see Abby Butts and Sam Bridegroom talking about how they have used XPages to develop applications to benefit a not-for-profit healthcare system. In the community member spotlight I’ll briefly talk about org.openntf.domino, a project that has got those of us involved in it enthused about the benefits and possibilities and has been well-received by a number of early adopters.

Since the release one of the significant enhancements is transactional processing by Nathan T Freeman. We’re also now a step forward in providing access from SSJS to all the new methods, though there is still quite a bit of work to do on that. Part of that work has also proven the method for accessing the code from XPages. As a result, work has begun on a demo database. With the help of various developers in our chat and some open source Java projects (one of the benefits of XPages being closely coupled to Java), I’ve included a couple of nice features:

  • To display on an XPage a method’s code from a text-file copy of the relevant classes.
  • To compare the code using lotus.domino packages and org.openntf.domino packages, showing what code is no longer required and added.

I’ve recorded a preview of the demo database. The aim is that, with the JavaDoc, this will highlight new or changed functionality, how to implement it, and why to use org.openntf.domino.

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