Firstly, a disclaimer, sorry to anyone not attending the conference, this blog post is only relevant to attendees.

On Tuesday at 1.15pm in Florida 5 I’ll be delivering my session “Marty, You’re Just Not Thinking Fourth Dimensionally”: Troubleshooting XPages. The session will be XPages-focussed, with an XPages demo application. But there’s more.

Back to the Future is probably one of the most quotable sets of films. So I’ll also be running a “BuzzQuote Bingo” competition during the session. The application (hopefully everything works okay on the day!) pushes the boundaries a bit. It’s a Vaadin application, using OsgiWorlds, running on Domino, using the OpenNTF Domino API to write graph data to the NSFs (although the admin module holding a config document is a standard Domino document). The NSFs deliberately have no Notes client access because “Where we’re going, we don’t need views”.

You can browse the design of the app (BuzzquoteBingo) as well as the demo database on BitBucket.

If you’re in the session, you can take part by getting your bingo card of 9 quotes that may or (in the case of a few) may not be included in the session. Just go to and enter your name (I need to know who has won) and email address (just used and hashed as the key for your card).


Then you’ll get your bingo card with quotes, like this for narrower screens, as three-by-three grid for wider screens.Card

Click Heard when I say your quote (if you make a mistake, click Not Heard. More… will show some more info about the quote – who said it to whom and in which film.


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