It’s less than a week until IBM Connect and there’s still lots for me to do. So just in advance I wanted to just cover a few things.

What Am I Expecting?

I’m expecting more information on Notes and Domino 9.0.2 (what I expect to be the product name for the release due first half 2016).

Let’s be clear, I’m not expecting any more significant new announcements in functionality for 9.0.2, at least from an app dev standpoint. I’m expecting 9.0.2 to be pretty much what has been announced for some time now. I don’t see that as being a negative point. The key focus for 2015 was XPages on Bluemix and IBM Verse. Those will feed back into the on premises product to some extent, although I’m not expecting IBM Verse to come in the release first half 2016. But my impression is that both have taken significant resources, which is why I am not expecting to hear much else that’s new in the imminent release.

Beyond that, I’m hoping to see a roadmap for Notes / Domino (unlike last year) and hear some details about the subsequent release. I have no current expectations for that, but Java 8 offers potential for some refactoring, if that is a desirable direction. However, let’s bear in mind that would mean more modern APIs or (non-visible) code, it wouldn’t add functionality.

But alongside Notes / Domino releases, it would be good to hear more progress on extending open sourcing of XPages and some format of design IDE outside the Notes Full Client install.


I’ll be speaking in speedgeeking (Sunday 6pm in Solution EXPO) about Vaadin and Domino. I’ve done quite a bit on that over the last year (thanks, Daniele Vistalli for pushing me in that direction!) and it’s my non-XPages web application framework of choice. Hopefully you’ll see why, as well as seeing some applications in action.

“Marty, You’re Just Not Thinking Fourth Dimensionally”: Troubleshooting XPages – TUESDAY 1.15PM FLORIDA 5

This is my session when I’ll be breaking down various processes in XPages into their granular steps. The session is intended to give developers a better understanding of what occurs during processes, in order to better align their expectations (to more often get it right first time) and know where to go to troubleshoot (when you can’t get it right first time!).


As usual, Gurupalooza is back and it’s a great place to ask questions to get the honest, best practice answer.


I’ll be attending the labs as well to get answers to some questions and catch up with IBMers. It’s a great opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and see what’s coming up.


As an OpenNTF board member, it’s a great opportunity to spread the news about OpenNTF and touch base with other members. So I’ll be representing OpenNTF as well as Intec, both in person and online.


This community is at the heart of the product and why so many of us are passionate about what we do. As ever, catching up with old friends and making new friends is one of the key aspects of IBM Connect. There are always faces that are missed for various reasons, but it’s always great to see those who are there.

It will also be good to catch up face-to-face on various community projects, particularly OpenNTF Domino API. Hopefully we can make some good plans for the future and generate some enthusiasm for new projects.


IBM Connect is about long days and even longer nights. It’s a full-on few days and many things are learned over a beer (or other beverage!) as well as in sessions or labs. For example, the ability to open a custom control from the source pane was one I suggested to Dan O’Connor a few years ago over a beer. So, as ever, the social aspect will be embraced in certain knowledge that some exploits will end up on the internet. So be it!

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