At IBM Think I presented four sessions. Two were on The IBM Champion and Community Day on Sunday. One was titled “Social Zero to Community Hero” with Tony Holder and Alex Ivanov, who was also announced as an IBM Lifetime Champion that afternoon. This detailed what a Champion is and the different paths a champion takes. The second was a lightning talk titled “Free Your Mind: DON’T Think Outside The Box”, a non-technical discussion about thinking differently.

The other two sessions were on Watson Work Services Java SDK and on JavaScript development with Domino, following on from the announcement at the end of February about NodeJS and Domino.

The source code for the demo using Watson Work Services Java SDK is on GitHub. There is a Vertx sample that can be run standalone in IntelliJ or Eclipse and accessed from a REST client. The slides from the session are below:

The source code for the session on Domino and JavaScript is also on GitHub. It must be emphasised that the demo takes microservices and Domino to an extreme extent with a lot of moving parts but using Kubernetes to group many of the microservices and using Istio to monitor them. We don’t expect developers to have such a complex architecture in their JavaScript applications with Domino. But it gives an idea of not only the basic elements like a React UI and Node-RED, while also showing some more advanced elements that could be employed for added benefits. The use of ODA for a REST service plugin allows some extended functionality like caching and more flexible authentication options, plus additional security for certain endpoints. The slides from the session are below:

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