Two months from today IBM Think will officially start, although the IBM Champion day on March 18th will be my first – and no doubt very busy – involvement. And the great news is that I will be delivering two sessions that week.

Developing with Watson Work Services Java SDK (Session ID 3249)

The starting point will be the session I delivered at Social Connections, although there are additions to the SDK that I need to make to take into account changes in the SDK since the last release. The session will be relevant to XPages developers but also to any Java developers who want to work with Watson Workspace. So I hope to attract attendees beyond just the Domino world. Indeed some of the samples are standalone Vert.x projects that can be run anywhere with no additional dependencies. Of course there will also be an XPages application. The abstract is:

The Watson Work Services Java SDK is an open source project available on Maven Central or as an XPages library. It makes it easy for Java developers to integrate with Watson Work Services, using standard builder approaches to set up queries and returning Java objects as the response. It avoids the need to manually manipulate JSON for both REST and GraphQL access to Watson Work Services. Come along to this session to quickly learn how to leverage this SDK in your Java projects.

Tips and Tricks: Domino and JavaScript Development Master Class (Session ID 8598)

This is a joint session with John Jardin which will focus on Domino as part of a microservices architecture, highlighting some tools, tips and tricks for moving beyond an application that is Notes Client only or XPages only. There are a lot of aspects, some of which will be more “light-touch”. But it should be an interesting session. The abstract is:

Spend this session with some of the Domino community’s application development experts to learn how they are approaching creating new Domino applications using the latest frameworks and languages such as Node.js and JavaScript. Learn their architectural approach, best practices and how best to get started.

The week is certain to be busy – it gets busier each year. There is likely to be lots of Domino-related content with the feature packs released since last year and Notes and Domino (and Sametime) 10 due at the end of the year. I expect to have many discussions with IBMers and other developers on what’s in the pipeline. Plus, as last year, Watson Workspace will have plenty of content, if the amount of sessions at Social Connections is any indicator. There’s also Connections Pink and Project LiveGrid, which I’m sure will have significant progress. Beyond ICS, I’ve also started diving into the various other Watson offerings so there will be sessions on those to try to fit in. As in previous years, I may have to take advantage of Engage to get to some sessions.

$100 Discount on Ticket Price

Obviously the ticket price for IBM Think is not the only factor affecting whether or not people from Europe attend the conference. But every little helps. Like all IBM Champions, I have been provided with a code for $100 off the price of the ticket, for anyone who wants to take advantage of that. If you do, get in contact with me. If you don’t know how to already, all my contact details are on various presentations I’ve delivered in the past, nothing’s changed since I started speaking at conferences.

If IBM Think is not an option, stay tuned and I’m sure all the big news will be shared. Beyond that, maybe I’ll see you at Engage on S.S. Rotterdam in May or ICON UK in Birmingham in September.

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