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IBM Watson® Recruitment

Transform recruiting and address bias with AI

Prioritise job requisitions and make predictions on application progress to optimise workload.

Analyze your hiring practices for adverse impact and address bias to ensure an inclusive and diverse culture.

Capture real-time market insights and employee sentiments for efficient workforce engagements.

66% of CEOs believe cognitive computing can drive significant value in HR

Recruitment transformed with Watson

Watson Recruitment helps recruiters prioritize open requisitions using AI-powered insights. By analyzing historical data on each requisition’s complexity, skill requirements, and duration to fill certain jobs, it provides an assessment of which roles will be more difficult to fill and why. This helps recruiters allocate their time more efficiently and helps recruiting managers allocate open requisitions better across more- and less-experienced, or specialized, in-house and external recruiters.

Watson enhances the recruiting process by:

  • Understanding: what makes a candidate successful for the job. It points out those unique attributes for every recommended candidate.
  • Reasoning: performs unbiased and holistic screening, providing a set of recommended candidates.

Requisition Prioritization

Watson Recruitment predicts application progress for a given requisition, enabling recruiters to use data and insights for workload prioritization. Using IBM Watson Talent Frameworks and historical job application data, it analyzes the complexity of a job based on skills, location, seniority, etc. Current data about inflow of candidates from existing Application Tracking Systems helps calculate an estimated time to fill, as well as duration of the progress.

Together, based on job complexity and progress, these insights help recruiters make decisions about the priority of a given job requisition.

Select candidates that are the right fit

Candidate Match Score

Watson Recruitment compares attributes found on candidate resumes against the attributes found on the job role, thereby assigning a score. It leverages IBM Watson Talent Frameworks for skills, parses unstructured data, and leverages AI to further analyze soft traits. Watson Recruitment allows ranking of active job applicants on requisitions, with the ability to post scores to an existing ATS.

It automatically surfaces the right candidates — and how they compare against each other — for any job requisition.

Candidate Success Score

Watson Recruitment analyzes historical data on previous hires and indicates whether that person was considered to be a success. Using AI, it creates a Success Profile from over 50 influences including Match Score. This Success Profile is used to score applicants based on their predicted success using objective, unbiased historical data.

ibm watson recruitment success score

Candidate Success Tier

Watson Recruitment further refines the analysis by determining the success score that maximizes the number of candidates in each tier based on a target accuracy. This allows HR to focus on tier 1 applicants with confidence, and to determine and weed out tier 3 applicants who are not predicted to be successful.

ibm watson recruitment success tier
ibm watson recruitment social listenening

Social Listening

Watson Recruitment processes Twitter feeds, leveraging Watson Discovery API, for sentiment analysis of news. It also shows data from Glassdoor, providing recruiters a window into relevant social conversations about the organization. These insights show employee and market feedback of the company and its designated competitors.

By empowering recruiters with industry news and events that affect employment branding, they are enabled to identify and attract the right talent for the organization as well as guide effective conversations with candidates.

Adverse Impact Analysis

Watson Recruitment’s Adverse Impact Analysis identifies whether unconscious bias is present in the hiring process and helps takes action to eliminate it. Once adverse impact is identified, elimination can be accomplished in multiple ways:

  • Identify and remove items that are contributing to adverse impact
  • Change the success model to correct the adverse impact - whether a result of historical adverse impact or biased hiring practices
  • Introduce specific items to drive positive hiring practices
ibm watson recruitment adverse impact analysis

Talent Acquisition Benefits

Improved recruitment efficiency, with focused efforts so that high-priority requisitions are immediately recognised and acted upon.

Minimized complexity in candidate screening, with a data- driven approach enabling faster and more informed hiring decisions.

Diverse and inclusive hiring practices, free from bias and adverse impact.

Increased productivity across hires that are retained longer, saving search and replacement costs.

Informed HR professionals, with insight into employee sentiments through social listening, and ability to drive better conversations with candidates.

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