As I blogged when 8.5.3 went live, Dojo is now packaged as 1.5.1 as physical files on the server for iNotes and 1.6.1 in a plugin. So how do you inspect what’s provided in the plugin? That was the focus on one of the comments on the post I made.

Well, Nathan Freeman and Serdar Basegmaz contributed a project to OpenNTF to allow you to run it in debug mode – Dojo Debug kit for Domino 8.5.3. You can use that plugin, import the source code into Eclipse or Domino for example.

But you can also import the jar from the Domino Server yourself and inspect the package.

First of all, the location. It’s contributed as an OSGi plugin. So you’ll find the plugin in <;domino>;osgisharedeclipseplugins folder. It’s name begins “…” and will then probably vary depending on the Domino version. (It’s just over a week until the public beta of IBM Notes & Domino 9, so I don’t want to restrict this post to just 8.5.3!)

If you have Eclipse, you can import it into Eclipse. Otherwise, it will probably work to import it into Domino Designer. The screenshots below are for Eclipse, but should not vary significantly for Domino Designer. From the Package Explorer view (or some similar view) select File >; Import. Then, under the Plug-In Development category, select Plug-Ins and Features.


Then in the Import From section select Directory and browse to the file location I mentioned earlier.

Import Location

In the next dialog box double-click the relevant plugin you want to import and click Finish. The plugin will then be available for you to browse, with the Dojo files in the resources folder.

Dojo files

You can now see the relevant files and check the code.

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