Just before Christmas Jesse Gallagher added directory download support to OpenNTF’s p2 Repository Browser. This means projects like OpenNTF Domino API can be installed into Domino Designer directly from a URL rather than going to OpenNTF and manually downloading the relevant release. It also means it’s possible to get the latest snapshot code as well.

To use it, just go to File > Application > Install in Domino Designer. When searching for new features to install, instead of adding a folder or zip location, choose “Add Remote Location” and point to the relevant URL. For example, I’m installing the latest snapshot, so the URL is http://p2.openntf.org/repository.nsf/home.xsp/oda/snapshots. For the latest 10.0.0 release, you would use http://p2.openntf.org/repository.nsf/home.xsp/oda/release.

You can find the relevant download URL by going to http://p2.openntf.org/repository.nsf/home.xsp/oda and navigating to the folder that contains the relevant site.xml.

The out-of-the-box Eclipse Update Site database doesn’t allow you to install from a remote location, but there is a download link in the p2 Repository Browser to download the relevant release.

Navigating back up to http://p2.openntf.org/repository.nsf/home.xsp/ you’ll see there are various other projects there available for download. If you look at the source code for the p2 Repository Browser on OpenNTF’s Bitbucket server and look at the relevant Java classes, you’ll see it’s picking up folders on the Domino server itself. The “magic” happens on OpenNTF’s Bamboo server which securely copies the files from the Bamboo build across to the Domino server, which makes them immediately available for the Repository Browser.

Bamboo has restricted access, but if you’re interested in automating builds and deployments of your OpenNTF Update Site projects, reach out to someone on the board in the OpenNTF Slack channels.

2 thoughts on “Installing ODA Into DDE Without Download”

  1. Paul, thanks for posting this tip.

    However, I’ve tried to use ODA directly using 10.0.1 Designer without luck.
    I always get the error message:
    CWPPR0033E : The requested provisioning operation(s) are cancelled.

    I downloaded the new ODA Version from Januray, 3rd and tried to install the site.xml from the downloaded package. Same error message. I’ve reinstalled Designer 10.0.1. No luck.

    1. It might be worth looking to see if there’s something in the “Help > Support > View Trace” logs. It may need the OpenNTF version of Extension Library, I notice I had that installed prevously.

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