It’s less than two weeks until Engage and it’s going to be even busier than usual for me. It’s an increasingly interesting time with the products, with an explosion of opportunities and challenges, as business partners and community members. The build-up to completion of the acquisition of Domino, Connections and more may leave a lot of questions and frustrations for some at the lack of answers. But in other areas strategic directions are becoming clearer and there’s plenty to do to be ready to hit the ground running.

It’s great that Intec is a Bronze sponsor this year and I’ll have plenty of #dominonextstep stickers if you want to show everyone you’re a Notes Ninja, Domino Defender or Collaboration Contender. Intec have supported me personally over many years as a speaker at Engage and Engage is always a significant milestone in the Domino year.

This year I’m involved in four sessions.

This is a round table discussion led by myself and Serdar Basegmez, attended by the other OpenNTF board members. We’ll be looking to gather your feedback on where we go and what we use for the future. We have our own views. But OpenNTF is your open source community and it’s important we have buy-in and active involvement. We will be live-blogging on Twitter with the hashtag #openntfNext.

I’m looking forward to presenting with Fredrik Malmborg on this session. I’m passionate about Node-RED and have been increasingly involved in the ICS nodes expertly developed by Stefano Pogliani. Node-red also introduces developers to a variety of technologies important for expanding the reach of your Domino applications, while minimising the learning of third-party APIs.

In this session I’ll take a broad view of what modernisation entails and outline some approaches and techniques for modernising applications. Even though much of the session focuses on particular technologies, as we’ve seen with the move to XPages and back to mobile, many of the approaches are technology-agnostic and are UX-related.

This short session will give an overview of the past, present and future of AI (whatever that term is used to mean). It will outline some of the challenges for AI and enable you to better manage your expectations of what AI can do.

In addition, OpenNTF will be co-sponsoring the show floor reception on Tuesday evening.

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