We are proud to confirm that Intec are now sponsors of OpenNTF, with our Domino Next Step Hub, an area focused on what Domino and Intec can offer. It’s an exciting time for the products that Intec have worked with for a long time. And it’s the right time for a renaissance also for open source releases around the products, as shown by the recent release of DQL Explorer.

Intec have been members of OpenNTF since 2013 and Paul Withers has been a board member since October 2013. Open source is integral to virtually all software these days. And OpenNTF projects and code are at the heart of many of the solutions we develop for customers and highlighted in the training we deliver. They will continue to be so for many years to come, with Intec involvement as both providers and consumers, so we’re proud to contribute to OpenNTF still further.

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