I wrote the other day about an issue I had discovered with view indexes being discarded.

If you are seeing the same issue, the SPR reference is SSARBW4PAW. Unfortunately I have not yet received any information on the underlying cause and any fix.

However, HCL have suggested a possible work-around which is the DBMT “nondiscardable view” functionality. This involves:

a. Getting the “Inherit design from…” value of the affected application databases properties, e.g. AppBaseTemplate

b. Add each application template name to the DBMT_MailTemplate notes.ini setting, e.g.


c. Add a notes.ini setting for each template listing the views that are nondiscardable, e.g.


4. Running DBMT against the applicable application databases (if you are not already using DBMT)

I am currently trying to validate that the suggestion does indeed work-around the issue.

If the work-around does work, I will then need to modify each application design so that every “nondiscardable” view has an additional alias of something like “v1” and “v2” etc. so that the DBMT_TemplateName settings don’t exceed the notes.ini max length.

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