Lotusphere is over for another year (and the perennial debate about the name also seems to have been put to bed – announcements have always said “Lotusphere 2013”). From the Domino standpoint it’s been another step on the road to the Vulcan vision and a reaffirmation of a new deployment model.

We’ve seen in the last couple of months the approach of 8.5.3 base install extended with additional functionality (in this case primarily the Extension Library) by installing Upgrade Pack 1. The Extension Library has been demoed in a number of sessions, not only the base functionality that made it into Upgrade Pack 1, but also relational and social tools that are available today on OpenNTF but will not be available in an upgrade pack until later this year. Upgrade Pack 2 has been scheduled for the middle of this year, with 8.5.4 following on later in the year.

I am convinced the big announcement for developers was Social Edition, which will be a pack that can be installed on 8.5.4 and will be simultaneously available, as Ed Brill blogged. This will enable developers to deliver embedded experiences, leveraging skills built with XPages development – HTML, JavaScript, CSS. Embedded experiences, built with the standards of OpenSocial, will be a huge differentiator for Notes and iNotes mail, enabling end users to more quickly and more effectively act.

From a personal point of view it’s been a great experience. For the first time one of my applications and Intec’s logo made it on screen in the OGS and a number of other sessions referenced XPages Help Application. As an IBM Champion it was great to meet some of the other champions from around the world as well as speaking to some of the key IBMers at the Champions Reception on Tuesday. Thanks also to Joyce Davis and Justin Liu in the champions program for the plaque we all received, it’s a great memento.


As part of Team Social it was great to meet many community members at the Social Cafes and around the conference, helping evangelise about the mobile applications for IBM solutions and talk about XPages development. There are a number of XPages books coming out this year which will be great exposure for us. It was good to also meet many IBMers in the labs, some of whom I’d met before, some I’d worked with online, some I’d never met. In some cases we all learned new information and it was a great opportunity to pass on thoughts and ideas.

So Lotusphere is over now and although many of us won’t meet face-to-face for another year, connections have been made that will endure throughout the year. Our community is our strength and our openness and willingness to share makes Lotusphere such an enjoyable and beneficial experience for all.

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