Earlier this week I was running a technical enablement session on XPages for IBM. One of the first steps was to configure Domino Designer. I’ve championed before some of the benefits that Eclipse brought to Domino Designer, such as the search and local history (which has been my saviour on many an occasion!).

But one I only recently became aware of was the Tasks view. As we were discussing the Trouble Ticket project on OpenNTF someone mentioned Hunter Mednay’s blog post about using the Eclipse Tasks view to keep track of to-dos and other tasks in Domino Designer. As with local history it’s only available for XPages and Custom Controls, not Forms, Views etc. But it could be a very useful tool, so I’d recommend people go and read Hunter’s blog post.

One of the advantages is being able to add new tags to track. As one developer commented, it could be useful for annotating any development work you do after a night down the pub (or at Kimonos), so you know what to double-check the following morning.


Thanks for Thimo Jansen for his permission to use this screenshot. No comment necessary!


1 thought on “Managing Tasks and ToDos in XPages”

  1. Frank van der Linden

    Paul, it is extremely handy. You have immediately an overview of tasks when you ‘open’ a project in the DDE.
    And also for other developers, when they open the project for the first time, they will see the tasks who will be done.

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