Earlier this week I delivered my session at IBM Connect. It was good fun and thanks to all who attended. I’ve posted my slides, which are also available below. There are a couple of additions to the slide deck originally posted to the Event Connect site. As those at the session will remember, the session was highly driven by demos, so the slides summarise the points I made.

The session also included a demo application. You can download it below. Those who attended the session will know there was also a companion application written using Vaadin, running on Domino and using an ODA graph format to store the data on Domino. It was a big leap into the unknown, but seemed to work well. Hopefully it also gave people a different viewpoint of Domino app dev. Because it was very specialised and unlikely to be of use as a demo beyond that session, it’s now downloadable from my blog. But you can access the source code for the OSGi plugin application – as well as the CrossWorlds version and the demo database – from my BitBucket repository.

Demo database

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