Recently I had a rather interesting issue posted to me from a client of ours.

Although the client in question are retaining Domino for applications, they are sadly currently migrating their email system from Notes to o365.

The issue is that a particular workflow did not work as expected. An approvers name is selected via a button. The selected approvers name was initially showing the Canonical Notes name as expected. Upon a refresh of the uidoc however, the name automatically changed to the forwarding address in the NAB. The good news is that the notification arrived at the migrated mail box as expected. The bad news is the user can do nothing when the link is clicked.

Upon investigation I noticed that the approvers field updates the Authors field and is used in a Hide formula for the workflow buttons. This resulted in the approver not actually have access to the document as well as no visibility of the workflow actions. I know this as I tested with my administration access.

After several hours of head scratching, web searching (for the inner workings of a names field) and eventually just trying a few things, I managed to get it to work.

The culprit was the names field storing the selected approver name.

The solution turned out to be as simple as changing the field choices to None as opposed to using the names dialog.


Thing is, the original issue reported was actually that the approver could not be found in the Address Book.
The reason for that was that an internet address was being stripped from the @ to make it look nice !!

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