I’ve just published a new release of the Mobile Value Picker on OpenNTF.

The main reason for the new release is to force resetContent=”false” on the Cancel button on the mobilePicker Custom Control, to ensure content is not lost in a new document when using the SSJS approach.

The other addition is a Design Definition for the custom control, to make it more user-friendly.

In addition there is some minor cleanup on the sample XPages.

One note of caution. I’ve encountered problems using the mobilePicker custom control with CSJS in the latest (June 3rd) release of the Extension Library. Any values entered into a new document are lost when clicking the Cancel button or selecting a value from the picker. It seems like it’s overriding the property resetContent=”false” that is on the user Mobile Page. I’ve reported the problem on the Extension Library project, but the custom control works fine with the April 3rd release (853.20120320-1003). I haven’t tried the May 25th release (

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