I’ve just released M2 of XPages OpenLog Logger

There are a number of new enhancements with M2:

  • A specific release also on OpenNTF for users who do not have Extension Library. It may work on 8.5.2, I haven’t tested it.
  • A fix has been added to log caught SSJS errors caused by a missing Expression Language object (e.g. view1). Previously they caused an error.
  • Errors within OpenLogItem could cause an infinite loop if CurrentDatabase or CurrentSession did not exist. I’m not aware of any, but it was identified and fixed for org.openntf.domino, so the same fix has been applied here.
  • A major change with M2 is that SSJS errors are now added to facesMessages for the relevant control, so will be displayed in an Error / Errors control. This is default behaviour. If you want to suppress it, use the xsp.property xsp.openlog.displayError=false.
  • A generic error message can be provided to users while the actual error is logged. This can be defined in xsp.openlog.genericErrorMessage. If that is blank or undefined, the actual error is logged.

The OpenNTF page has also been updated with the links to the Source Control projects on GitHub.

Given the enhancements available, I will also be releasing a version that uses org.openntf.domino in the coming days.

If you have any enhancement requests, please add them to GitHub or the OpenNTF project.

If you are using the project and find it useful, please rate it on OpenNTF and, if you can find the time, add a review.

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