XPages has received a lot of press over the last two years and at Intec we’ve already completed a number of projects using XPages, either as components of the application or the whole application. To support our customers who are investigating the benefits of XPages we have written a white paper to give a balanced assessment of the benefits and challenges of implementing XPages. The white paper has been published on Intec’s website to enable customers and non-customers to justify the move to XPages and the roles IBM Business Partners like Intec can offer. It is worth emphasising that you do not necessarily need to upgrade your whole infrastructure and do not necessarily need to rewrite your complete application to take advantage of the benefits XPages offers. With a single 8.5.x Domino server you can manipulate data on a different trusted pre-R8 Domino server, and so offer individual functions or interfaces into an existing application. This offers a low cost, low risk opportunity to gain experience of XPages and create proof-of-concept functionality.

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