As others like Johnny Oldenburger have blogged, Notes 9.0.1 FP10 IF2 is out now. This fixes a number of Designer-related issues, including the problem with the Display panel in the Java debugger I encountered when I first installed.

One point to be aware of is, as ever, to check <Notes>\framework\rcp\deploy\ for the vmarg.Xmx and vmarg.Xms settings (the de facto starting point for any “Notes is slow launching” issues). My starting setting (Xms) was reset. A quick update again and the world is good!

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  1. Lars Berntrop-Bos

    The update purports solving the editor pane split issue (SPR# BEGOAVSJMT). Alas a partial fix. Dragging a tab in Domino Designer no longer generates an empty pane. However, above the two editor panes an extra bar with extra Minimize and Maximize/Restore controls is created.

    Looks weird, and the Minimize/Maximize/Restore controls in the titlebars of the panes in this confusing ensemble also act weird.

    Have updated my PMR with some screenshots documenting the weirdness.

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