Recently a customer highlighted a strange issue with a client application.

After opening a form to process the workflow and upon selecting the relevant approval button, the client would just hang there. One time the user left it for two hours before succumbing to Task Manager in order to cancel the task.

To compound the issue, sometimes it worked as expected but more often than not it would hang there. Not only that but some of the other approvers had managed to approve without issue.

To begin the investigation, I had assumed an issue with the version of notes the user was having issues with, that being 10.0.1FP3. After I volunteered to assist the approvals with my new shiny version 11.0.1 client and feeling confident, I was faced with the exact same issue. Looking at Task Manager I could see the Notes client was trying to do something, the high CPU and Memory usage gave it away.

At a loss due to nothing pointing at a specific issue, I traced the form object code and it showed the issue was occurring as the Mode Change completed. At this point I knew it was at the point in the code when the uiDocument was opened into Edit mode. So further investigation began.

Eventually I was at a point where if I was not part of the approval, I could open in Edit Mode with no issue. When I was an approver however the form appeared to load and I could see the approval buttons but as soon as I attempted to place it in Edit Mode. Issue!!

After gradually removing form objects, testing and using good old Task Manager at least two dozen times, I was left with a blank form and still seeing the issue.

Then it hit me, Action buttons. I removed them and behold the form would open in Edit Mode.

The customer application had a lot of user modifiable options, one of which was the approval level (or the name of it). The Action buttons would display that user modified action title appended to the words “Approve – “ and “Challenge – “.

To cut this long story short, it transpires that an Action button cannot have a title greater than sixty characters in length.

Every day’s a school day!

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