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Recently a customer highlighted a strange issue with a client application.

After opening a document, she was met with the error …

I knew the field was a look up to the profile document but file does not exist made no sense. It was not looking for a file.

After the usual immediate investigation and resolution ideas, deletion of caches etc. The issue remained albeit with a slightly different message.

My next move was to check access to the profile document, although why access would suddenly stop was a worry. So I gave full admin database access to the user and on the user’s machine I elected to edit the database profile document.

At this point I was met with the following error ….

I now had an actual file name that could not be found!

I could not repeat the issue on my machine, no other users were reporting an issue with the form in the database. I logged onto my machine as the user and could not repeat the issue either. This told me it was a local issue.

However, I had no idea what was trying to be written/read at this temporary address.

In all my many years as a Notes/Domino consultant I had never seen such a thing. I mean I knew opening a Microsoft document from an attachment opened it up in a temporary location but as far as I knew anything read via lotusscript in a database went into memory.

During a team meeting my colleague Simon Lapraik pointed out that the client does indeed create temporary files in the form of IDBnnnnn.DTF. Domino Temporary File.

What is a DTF file?

DTF filenames begin with “IDB” or “S0 to S9” and are followed by a unique five-digit number.

For example, s054321.dtf and idb54321.dtf are valid DTF filenames.

Domino temporary files are stored in a temporary directory defined by a system environment variable, If a directory is not specified,

the files are placed in the working directory and are not automatically deleted.

The immediate thought was an access issue to the temp file location but upon further investigation this was not a problem.

There was however a lot of old “rubbish” in the folder.

I decided to rename the folder and delete the cache at which point a new folder was created and everything worked fine again.

So, after many years of using notes from version 3!! I learnt something new about the Notes client

and fixed a very understanding lady’s issue.


Every day’s a school day!

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