The second release of org.openntf.domino has today been pushed up to OpenNTF. As I blogged earlier in the week, there are a host of enhancements as well as bug fixes.

For those wanting to hit the ground running with the project, I’ve posted a video on what needs deploying to the server and your client, embedded below.

Declan has also updated the JavaDoc and is kindly hosting it.

For anyone who wants a bit more information on how to use the code and some comparisons, I’ve been working on a sample application. It requires M2 as a minimum. So far there is import code and some samples of some new methods in DateTime. There is also some code to performance benchmark. I would recommend downloading from GitHub (using Git rather than Mercurial) because I will be continuing to work on it. But if you’re not comfortable yet with source control, I’m attaching a copy of the database.

OpenNTF Domino Demo Database

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