Since 8.5.0 I’ve been searching for everything that needs to be done to restore Domino Designer. Some time ago I blogged about exporting and importing Domino Designer preferences but I had always struggled to work out which files / folders were required for Working Sets.

Today I decided to do a clean install and finally managed to track down all the relevant folders to have working sets installed in a few seconds. All are in the <Data>workspace folder

  • workspace stores all the relevant folders for servers and applications you’ve accessed
  • workspace.metadata.pluginsorg.eclipse.ui.workbench has settings for various dialogs, plus the critical file workingsets.xml. This looks like it has the configuration for the working sets themselves and points to paths of relevant files. I copied the whole folder.
  • workspace.metadata.pluginsorg.eclipse.core.resources has the projects referenced in the workingsets.xml. The whole folder is required. The .location files in each project point to the location using a URI relative to JNSF, which I suspect is the workspace folder
  • has a file that maps the projects to the actual servers

Copy those into a clean install, and you have “working” working sets in a few seconds.

I then chose to manually install all the additional plugins, but those appear to be in workspace.configorg.eclipse.update. To get the list of locations I had previously used in Domino Designer, I just copied a backup of bookmark.xml into that folder.

4 thoughts on “Restoring Domino Designer…Including Working Sets”

  1. This tip is at the time of writing once again very relevant. Thanks for that!

    Just did a clean install of 9.0.1 and just copied the entire workspace folder to the new dominodata folder. One thing to look out for: do NOT copy the .rcp.lock and .rcp.main files. It will cause crashes and strange error messages when you start the client/ designer.

    1. Good tip. I also did a fresh install and replace yesterday (personally I think that will be my default from now on). I got crashes, but those were resolved when I deleted org.eclipse.update (the plugins). I suspect something else might be needed as well.

      Also, don’t try to copy workingsets.xml in when Notes or Designer is open: it just overwrites the file again! Close both down, then copy, and it’s fine.

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