EDI is not complex. We set aside the sophisticated EDI jargon and focus on business.

Using simple, business oriented solutions we help companies get past basic EDI compliance and leverage the technologies to streamline operations, improve customer service, and save money.

Since 1987 Intec has been making the notion of EDI Simplified a reality for companies of all sizes.

Intec deliver a range of EDI managed services to assist any organisation. These services include remote support for EDI operations, an EDI helpdesk and on-site visits, and will be of interest if your organisation currently has a shortage of specialist EDI skills, or if you are seeking to outsource the resource overhead of your EDI operations.

We understand EDI from a business and a technical perspective. We know what you need to get up and running quickly and will work with you to ensure that your goals are met.

We review your list of trading partners and help you determine what EDI products you need, which VAN to select, and how to interface with your application system.

EDI Trading Partner Implementation & Services

You don’t need to worry about EDI data, mapping, trading partner setup, testing and implementation. Our expert technical staff ensures that every trading partner is setup correctly. We maintain an accurate library of retailer EDI requirements and advise you when updates or changes are necessary. Trading Partner Services include:

  • EDI map for each document, accurately converting EDI data to the necessary file

  • Personalisation for translator, network, and customer master files

  • Sending and receiving test data, analysing data, contacting trading partner, and moving documents into production phase

  • Functional EDI software to handle retail specific requirements or cross reference information

  • Network set-up, testing, and VAN Services

EDI Technical Support

We understand that technical support is of vital importance to a successful EDI program. Our friendly and knowledgeable technical support staff are just a phone call away. Since we don’t use voice mail, you’ll always talk to a live support technician should you need assistance.

EDI Training

During the installation phase, one-on-one training is provided remotely or at your offices. After installation, our Trading Partner Services and Technical Support will handle your needs. Training during the installation process includes:

  • Basic review of EDI concepts (if necessary)

  • Daily use and maintenance requirements for the software you have purchased

  • Use of search and retrieve functions and reports

  • Building of cross reference files and translator for documents installed

  • Troubleshooting and use of software manuals for reference

  • Description of procedures for technical support on problems, upgrades, new trading partners, etc.

Request a Call from Intec

If you would like to know more about Intec’s EDI Manage Services, how it could benefit your organisation or more about Intec’s wide range of IT solutions, request a call back here


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