Yesterday I presented two sessions at ICON UK, one on the OpenNTF Domino API and the other on XPages Mobile Controls. Both were busy sessions and thanks to everyone who attended. Here are the slides and also a demo database for the OpenNTF Domino API.

A few things to bear in mind for using the demo database:

  • If you’re comfortable with source control using Git, I’d recommend downloading from GitHub – the link is in the slides. That way you’ll be able to get new pages as I add them in.
  • The OpenNTF Domino API will only work with Domino 9. That’s because it has dependencies on new classes for calendaring that came with R9 and obviously 8.5.3 doesn’t have those. Removing those dependencies from the source control may not be a great amount of work, but we would need a separate fork to avoid having to re-do all that work each time we add a new feature or a fix.
  • You’ll need to deploy the jar and plugin as outlined in the slides before trying to use the demo database. Otherwise you’ll get an error that it’s missing the dependent library.

Other than that, enjoy. If your company would require support before using it, RedPill have announced that they are offering support. If you’re in Europe and want support on UK timelines, Intec may also be able to help you, either specifically for the API or as a part of our wider XPages mentoring offering.

ICON UK Sessions

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