Following on from BLUG last month, I’m attaching the slides and sample XPages database on my blog as well as on the BLUG site. A couple of things to note are:

  1. The dashboard will not work in Internet Explorer, because of the way I’ve constructed the chart. By using a repeat control, the javascript series is not available in time for Internet Explorer to use it. In Firefox it seems to be fine though. I used a repeat control merely to show how flexible repeat controls are. In reality, constructing the series in javascript as I showed in Part Two of my tutorial is much easier.
  2. Thanks to Jurjen van den Broeck for letting me know I had been too zealous in stripping down the database and had removed the intecreport.css stylesheet that’s referenced in some XPages. I don’t think any of the styles are used, but I’m adding it back in.

I’m not going to go through the sample database in depth, but there are a few tips to be learnt, some of which I’ve mentioned on my blog, others have been identified by other members of the community on various other blogs and wikis. I will be expanding on the charting hopefully later this week, explaining in a bit more depth about adding events to charts.

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