Social technologies are being used to gather insights about products and brands, opinions about competitors, and perceptions of market segments. This market research and customer insight can be used as input for product requirements and design, advertising campaigns, pricing, packaging, and other marketing and product development activities.

In a recent study of 541 executives at 500 companies, 40% found that they could see specific improvements and increases in sales from social customer relationship management and 71% found that it led to a reduction in time to resolution for support issues.

Social Businesses increase their customer reach by accessing more customers – and spending more time with them.

Social selling allows organisations to:
• Access core opportunity, contact and account data from mobile devices
• See a 360 degree view of the customer
• Reduce time spent learning about the customer
• Reduce time spent searching for experts and information
• Reduce time spent filling in opportunity data for forecasts
• Engage customers remotely with a rich set of collaboration and social tools
• Save time and cover all stakeholders with one-to-many communications
• Keep entire teams, including channel partners, in sync on closing the deal.

Social Businesses engage the entire sales team and apply expertise from across the organisation. Sales representatives can work together in collaborative communities to solve problems and:
• Gain easy access to experts for fast answers to customer questions
• Provide recommended sales content based on the specific opportunity
• Easily collaborate with co-workers from across the organisation
• Quickly reach out to experts when emergencies arise
• Re-use best practices from other teams.

This article was taken from Intec’s whitepaper – Social Business – Connect.Collaborate.Compete.

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