Bespoke Application Development is implemented by our highly skilled Development Unit enables companies of all sizes and stages of maturity to benefit from a wide range of experience, business knowledge and technical skills to design, deliver and implement software solutions.

The high level of training, accreditation and development our consultants receive means our customers benefit from the latest technology coupled with a proven track record and investment in quality delivery skills.

Top 10 Reasons to use professionally developed bespoke software

  • 1 It is specifically designed for your unique requirements and will be designed to fit precisely with the way your business operates.
  • 2 It can be interfaced with other software that you use to provide you with a fully integrated IT infrastructure across your whole organisation.
  • 3 The software can be tuned to your distinct needs, providing performance benefits that are not feasible with packaged software.
  • 4 Users will find it easier and more intuitive as it will operate in a way that is in tune with their role and won’t contain redundant functionality.
  • 5 It can incorporate functionality that is specific to your organisation and does not exist in any packaged solution.
  • 6 It is considerably more flexible than packaged software and can be modified over time to reflect changes to your business.
  • 7 You will have direct access to the designers and developers involved, meaning you have greater control as your project evolves.
  • 8 Post implementation support is likely to be carried out by the project developers, meaning improved communication and faster resolution.
  • 9 Intec will add value to your business by suggesting alternatives and improvements and acting as a source of IT advice and information.
  • 10 The use of professionally developed bespoke software applications are likely to give you a significant business advantage over your competition.

Our Approach

  • We relish complex challenges.
  • We encourage close client communication at all stages of development.
  • We aim for the development of a working solution as soon as possible.
  • We never stop striving to improve and develop what we do for our clients.
  • Our software is developed in-house by certified and experienced Intec personnel.
  • Our IBM Premier Partner status proves our commitment to high quality, cutting edge software solutions.

Our options for Delivery Platforms

  • Hosted
  • Browser Based (all popular browsers)
  • Extranet, Internet, and Intranet
  • Mobile Devices
  • Client
  • Desktop

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