For those who have become comfortable with it, XPages is the quickest and most flexible framework for web and mobile enablement.

One of the biggest additions to Domino developers' toolkits inthe last 20 years is XPages. The componentised approach is one many JavaScript technologies like React have followed. It makes sense - reusing central code means less refactoring. And theme-driven renderers mean it's possible to get completely different HTML can be generated just by changing the theme.

XPages combines a drag-and-drop design interface and properties panels with XML source-code markup. At compile-time this is converted to Java code to give a lower barrier to entry for Domino developers than traditional Java frameworks like JSF and Vaadin. Client-side JavaScript allows full browser control, while Server-Side JavaScript (SSJS) provides a good transition between LotusScript / Formula Language and Java, which is the best practice approach for server-side programming of business logic.

Intec have been involved with XPages since before the public release, and have a team of Certified Developers with considerable development experience. By being at the heart of XPages development, we have a strong awareness of nearly a decade's resources from both IBM and the community. Such is our level of expertise and reputation that we work together with IBM to:

  • Co-author the XPages book XPages Extension Library and technical editor for Mastering XPages Second Edition.
  • Present at User Groups and Technical Conferences around the world.
  • Ensure a continued future for XPages consistent with other Domino development approaches.

We also have considerable real world experience of developing and deploying XPages applications in customer scenarios.

XPages Mentoring Service - £850

Take advantage of our experience in all aspects of XPages, including training, application assessment and development support - get your skills and applications up to speed, quickly and cost effectively, while also providing a framework for continued professional development.

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