XPages Mentoring Service – £850

Complete enablement package at a compelling price Take advantage of our experience in all aspects of XPages, including training, application assessment and development support – get your skills and applications up to speed, quickly and cost effectively.

What is included in the XPages Mentoring Service?

Taking advantage of and starting to benefit from the many features of XPages, does not need to be a lengthy and expensive process.

Based upon our experience of providing XPages solutions, and enabling developers and organisations to take advantage of XPages capability we have put together a package which provides everything needed to understand, appreciate, and fully utilise XPages.

The package includes the following;

  • Half Day on-site Introduction to XPages, including bespoke training.

    During this session we will do a Capability Review (what can XPages actually do, what is it good at and what are the limitations), and as we are a Notes/ Domino design partner we can provide ND Version advice (what’s added / missing in various versions / coming in the future)

  • Half Day on-site Analysis of existing or planned Application ‘Estate’ with recommendations on how and where to achieve XPages benefits quickly and easily.

    During this session we will do an Application Assessment (which applications would benefit from an XPages refresh) and show how to do an Estimation Analysis (What could realistically be achieved and in what timescale)

  • 1 day email/telephone/on-site support associated with any XPages development problems being encountered.

    To be used within 12 months of first on-site visit

  • Free ‘Introduction to XPages’ course

    As part of the package we would also recommend taking advantage of the free ‘Introduction to XPages’ course from TLCC and as UK TLCC Reseller we can provide access and assistance as required.

** Travel Expenses will be charged at cost

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